Bread of Life is an urban retreat center for people who seek to expand their spiritual life or to explore personal changes more deeply.

“Long before we do anything explicitly religious at all, we have to do something about the fire that burns within us. What we do with that fire, how we channel it, is our spirituality. Thus we all have a spirituality whether we want one or not, whether we are religious or not.
— Ronald Rohlheiser

The Bread of Life Center is an urban retreat center located on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento.

Classes & Groups

Bread of Life offers stand-alone classes as well as ongoing groups.



Long-term programs are available for individuals who wish to delve deeper into their spiritual path.

Spiritual Direction

An intimate and contemplative spiritual process between an individual and a trained Spiritual Director

We welcome everyone to join us, from those who follow a specific religious tradition or path to those who question the spiritual.