Bread of Life is a community-benefit educational non-profit with a mission of ”cultivating practices that transform lives, organizations and communities.”

We envision communities that embody and actively support a human journey based in:

  • honoring the sacred worth and value of each person

  • respecting our mutual interdependence, and

  • evoking a quality of creative freedom that allows each person to offer their unique gifts for the good of the whole.

We offer programs and services for those with a desire to discover dimensions of a deeper life personally, with others, and explicitly connected to 'Something More.' Serving those who serve in faith communities, non-profits, healthcare, public and social service is a particular focus. In common to those who come is the desire to express and explore with others their personal human story for meaning and purpose, which we consider to be part of a larger spiritual process in which the living spirit of God is fully present.

our history

Bread of Life was founded in 1997, becoming an independent non-profit in 2006.

After 9 years under the umbrella of Davis Community Church we consolidated our Davis-based programs and joined our Spirit in the Arts Center into a single site in North Sacramento. After spinning off Spirit in the Arts into The Creative Edge in 2015, we recently moved to our new home at 1260 Fulton Avenue.

Our founders come from and practice in their own Christian traditions, a rooting which opens to and honors the weaving of the Spirit through diverse traditions.This foundation frees us to learn from, partner with and serve all who come.

We welcome everyone to join us from those who follow a specific religious tradition or path to those who question anything spiritual.

The only expressions not welcome are those which diminish another as we regard each person to have sacred worth and value.

The energy of Bread of Life is generative. It is a refreshing antidote to the voices of “not enough”, “be afraid”, “be defended”. It invited us to live wholeheartedly, compassionately and authentically.
— Julie Garvey, Donor and Supporter