The Blessing Path

The Call of Aging



As we age, many of our roles fall away and often with them, a sense of identity and purpose. “Who am I now?” is a question that elders frequently ask. A life-giving answer can be,“I’m a Blesser.” Becoming a Blesser calls us to mindfulness, an open heart and intention. Our lens on life switches from doing to being. Taking on the identity of Blesser can bring us into relationship with the world in a refreshing, profound way.

The Blessing Path’s goals are to:

❖ Encourage mid-life seekers to begin preparing for a deeply vibrant elderhood

❖ Advance the view of aging as a spiritual journey

❖ Call elders to their vocation as Blessers

❖ Promote healthy intergenerational relationships

Facilitated by Rev. Lois Mueller


August 24th, 2019

9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Bread of Life Center
1260 Fulton Ave., Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95825

Registration and Payment

$75.00 Registration Fee * 18 Person Maximum for class

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