Velma & Ron Lagerstrom

Ron and Velm Lagerstrom.jpg

Ron Lagerstrom joined Bread of Life as a Spiritual Director in 1999 and retired to Santa Barbara with his wife, Velma, after 13 golden years with us that included celebrating his 80th birthday. Following their move, Velma stepped down from the board, on which she had served during 2011-2012. Velma and Ron have been key supporters and partners, pledging significantly to Bread of Life, and opening their home to small groups and sharing the richness of their experience and perspectives.

“What a privilege!” Ron says of his service as a Spiritual Director. “Spiritual direction is like a sanctuary where I can be who I am and be loved, affirmed, and guided in my own life of the Spirit. It’s truly a gift to have someone open up their life before me in a significant, personal way, and to explore with them how God is in that life.”

Velma is a skilled and significant partner in Ron’s ministry.

“When I close retreats or workshops, I say, “I want to give you an Irish blessing from Velma’s side of the family because Velma is the one who makes my ministry possible.”

Through Bread of Life, Ron has found a sanctuary for his soul and an invitation to share actively in extending that sanctuary for others.

“We don’t have many safe places in our world where we can be truly who we are – junk and all – or be known in a time of pure joy,” he explains. “Bread of Life is a sanctuary where I can grow my life in my own way and God’s own way with me, and I can help others grow their life in their unique way and God’s unique way for them.”