Bread of Life teaches skill-based practices for people facing change and in search of connection, healing, and learning by offering programs that break down barriers, build meaningful relationships, and foster self-discovery.

Listen to your life

A foundational experience for discovering new dimensions about who you are and for growing in response to the call of God.

Dynamic Dialogue

DynamicDialogue® is a proven set of practices and skills that help individuals and groups to continually explore issues, challenges, ideas, and assumptions for better communication and decision-making.

Spiritual Direction Internship

Preparing women and men for the ministry of spiritual direction since 1998. Many of these people are now practicing spiritual direction, leading retreats and facilitating groups. Others have used the experience and tools to enhance their work in ministry, teaching, health care, chaplaincy, and other caring professions.

Soul Tending Membership

Designed to support those who engage the world as non-profit leaders, Spiritual Directors, case managers, therapists, social workers, faith community leaders, chaplains, mentors, or other forms of “tending other” souls.