Trudy Baltz & Chris Motley

Chris Motley and Trudy Baltz.jpg

Trudy and Chris have been part of the Bread of Life community for more than 10 years. Trudy participated in a clergy/therapist dialogue group while the organization was still in Davis. Chris was going through a period of spiritual hunger, and found spiritual direction at Bread of Life eight years ago. Trudy also completed the spiritual director training program.

Focused on the role of nurturing and safety, or lack of them in a human’s life, Trudy grew up wanting and needing to be someone who provides them to others. Becoming a clinical psychologist has been a fulfilling and true calling. But nurturing in the context of being a mother has been the path that has felt most true, and brought the deepest meaning and joy, even as it has sometimes been at the cost of great suffering.

Inspired by Dante, Chris started learning Italian when he was 25 so he could read his works, and the Commedia has been one of his two main spiritual guides for many years (the other is Matthew books 5-7).

“Bread of Life has given both of us a place in which we can feel that our rather heterodox Christianity – long on doubt, short on dogma – has a valid place to be expressed and explored,” Trudy explains. “Also, it is very moving to us each time we are there, to see the ways in which the organization reaches out to, and has become a part of, the community around it. Both of us are artists who know in our bones that art, at its best, is a manifestation of spirit.”