Julie & Pat Garvey

Julie and Pat Garvey from yelp.jpg

Julie and Pat Garvey, active members of the Bread of Life community, are co-owners of Flora Springs Winery & Vineyards. Julie was introduced to Bread of Life five years ago and quickly sampled its offerings – Quadratos, the Spiritual Direction internship, and a two-year Practicum in Contemplative Dialogue. Her excitement about the programs drew Pat, her husband of 40 years, into the steadily growing community of Bread of Life.

“The energy of Bread of Life is generative,” Julie says. “It is a refreshing antidote to the voices of ‘not enough,’ ‘be afraid,’ and ‘be defended.’ It invited us to live wholeheartedly, compassionately, and authentically. And when I sit in the art gallery and see the amazing creations that surround the room and then speak to some of the artists, I learn even more about the richness that lies in each heart.”

The couple sees the necessity of Bread of Life’s mission and the concreteness of its actions and want to support that.

“Bread of Life serves as a bridge and gathering place,” Pat explains. “It is a sign of hope and connection.”

Julie adds, “Bread of Life represents a ray of light. It is like a pebble in the pond. It sends out ripples that extend beyond its immediate community. Bread of Life’s tagline expresses this so well: Cultivating practices that change lives.