Brother Don Bisson


Brother Don Bisson, a longtime friend of, and fundraiser for, the Bread of Life Center, is Marist brother who lives in the Bronx, New York. Don has degrees in liturgy, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. He earned his Doctor of Ministry at the Pacific School of Religion specializing in Spiritual Direction and Jungian Psychology. He is a friend of Bread of Life founder, Sandra Lommasson, who describes him as “a man who has said ‘Yes’ to the unfolding invitation of the Spirit.  Even more, as a gifted teacher and guide he makes the journey accessible to any who are ready to undertake the holy, healing journey into a deepening relationship with God–and into a better understanding of self. I encourage you to ‘taste and see.'"

Don is internationally recognized for his lectures, workshops, and retreats on the interrelationship of Christian spirituality and Jungian psychology and Bread of Life is grateful that he has come to speak every other year to our community and has generously donated his tickets sales to us.