Current Offerings
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PROGRAMS nclude our 2-year DynamicDialogue Practicum; the annual Listen to Your Life program which begins March 2019 and the 2-year Internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction. Click for more about spiritual direction including direction groups for women and men. Unless otherwise noted offerings at at Bread of Life, 1260 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento,CA.
Grief Support Groups
First Mondays, 6-7:30 PM
Second Mondays, 12-1:30 PM
Grief needs support. It is too difficult to navigate alone. We are pleased to announce twice-a-month support groups facilitated by Seasons Hospice Supportive Care staff in partnership with Bread of Life. A gift to the community. RSVP by calling (916) 307-6458.

Silent Sunday - Retreat Afternoon
2nd Sunday of the month, 2:30-5:30 PM
with Janice Boyd

Join us for a time of centering prayer, silence, and personal solitude in community. "Come Away" to some quiet time to center, reconnect, and renew inwardly. Designed for those experienced with extended silence. Enrollment limited to 15. To reserve your place contact Janice. Free will donation at the session. 

4 Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:30 PM
October 24-November 14 with Renee Dryfoos

When gratitude is experienced as a heart/mind/body experience — not just thought about or held as an emotion — our entire self comes to know deep release into the community of connection to spirit. Explore in a small group the Qigong Way to deep compassion and receptivity to the beauty, joy and love in life from which body-felt gratitude blooms.


Opening the Family Soul
with Sandra Lommasson has been cancelled.

Stay tuned for a day long offering on this topic in 2019.
Cosmology & Grace
Saturday, January 12, 2019, 9:30-3:30
with Ret. Bishop Dave Mullen

The experience of wonder, awe, and even terror before the vast mystery of the universe is in common to human beings everywhere. Explore how science and faith -- which explore this phenomena in different ways --  reveal one another and deepen us into the experience of Grace.

A Monthly Creative Art Event
with Carol Mathew-Rogers
Third Thursdays of the month (beginning January 17, 2019), 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Based in the SoulCollage program, this easy to learn and addictive art form is a tremendous way to give voice to the experiences and musings that so often go unspoken.  We will work in silence to support creativity.  Positive sharing will conclude each gathering.  Advance registration requested.
Conscious Living in the Last Third with Cathy Cook
Eight Thursday evenings, 6:30—8:30

April 4-May 23, 2019 at Bread of Life

The years around age 50 present genuine choices for life as well as real challenges. A consciously chosen vision of aging gives meaning and allows us to engage these years “fully awake and truly alive.” This 8 session series is designed for those 50-65 wanting to expore what their vision might be.

Dialogue is a practice for our time, a time of growing complexity and perplexity. Rather than pulling back into silos and surrounding ourselves with the like-minded, we intentionally seek a creative common ground that yields more than "You see it your way and I see it mine."

Our basic workshop series focuses on 
core components of practice like Awareness, Compassion, Creative Freedom and Interdependence. To see the calendar of offerings and to register for any of our sessions, please click here to visit our DynamicDialogue website.
To honor the commitment of registrants and presenters we have a two-week registration deadline for all events unless otherwise noted. If the minimum number of registrants is not reached two weeks prior to an event, Bread of Life reserves the right to cancel the event. For events cancelled by Bread of Life, 100% of monies paid by registrant will be refunded.

You may cancel your registration for an event by its registration deadline and be refunded all but a 10% processing fee or $5 minimum. For cancellations after the registration deadline we regret we cannot offer refunds as the monies are already committed.
Retreats as well as our long-term Dialogue and Spiritual Formation programs have their own registration and refund policies. Please inquire.