Thrivent Financial Confirms Bread of Life Eligible for Funding 

At the recommendation of some of our friends, Bread of Life applied to Thrivent Financial for consideration of funding. After completing the process, the organization was determined eligible to participate in their Thrivent Choice program. We are very grateful to our friends for recommending us to Thrivent Financial and hope this collaboration brings mutual benefits to both Bread of Life’s programs and Thrivent Financial members.

How does the program work? If you are a Thrivent member, this is an easy way to support new program development at Bread of Life. You can visit Thrivent’s website and direct Choice Dollars® (from $25 to $5,000) to Bread of Life which then are distributed as monthly grants to the organization. It's that simple! Read more about the process here.
If you are ready to start supporting Bread of Life by directing Choice Dollars®, click on this link and support life-transformative programs for our community. Thank you for your confidence in our ability to wisely put these funds to good use!
If you’d like to explore the possibility to become a Thrivent member, click here to find out how.

About Thrivent Financial

This Fortune 500 non-for-profit membership organization out of Appleton, Wisconsin with a local office in Roseville, California, has more than 2.3 million members across the United States. Its programs support members through guidance on managing money, living life generously and helping to improve the lives of others. The Thrivent Choice program, a member-advised charitable grant program, is an opportunity for members to help distribute a portion of the organization’s charitable funds to nonprofits and churches making a difference in the community. In 2015, 313,700 eligible members directed more than $54.2 million in grants to more than 29,200 enrolled 501(c)(3) organizations.