Seeking Spiritual Directors

Bread of Life, a Sacramento-based non-profit with a mission of "Cultivating practices that transform lives, organizations and communities" is now accepting applications for part-time spiritual director members. We seek individuals with maturity of experience in life and practice as well as being a good fit for our community of practice.

Please send a completed application, a cover letter addressing your sense of call to engaging this work with Bread of Life, and two references related to your work as a director by May 15, 2018. Please send completed application to as email format is preferred.

After an initial screening
we will interview candidates May 21- 25th.



Every human being and community is a sacred story. The challenge is waking up to this awareness and beginning to live consciously from it. Spiritual Director Members with Bread of Life assist individuals, groups and communities in listening contemplatively to their life for this deeper dimension.

Spiritual director members with Bread of Life have completed recognized spiritual direction programs that include study and supervised practice. We require our director members to participate in regular spiritual direction and supervision; to engage the ongoing prayer, practice and study necessary to a deepening spiritual life; and to commit to the ethical guidelines of Spiritual Directors International.

We believe that important qualities of a director include:

        1. Comfort with being simultaneously unfinished and "on the way" as a human being

2.      2. Grounding in a faith tradition that prepares the director for discernment of spirits

   3. Capacity to recognize and honor what is true in traditions different from one's home
      tradition and trust in the One who draws each person to their particular spiritual expression

   4. Understanding and practice of the unique focus of spiritual direction as contrasted with
       other helping modalities

5.  Commitment to a spiritual community where one is known and in mutual accountability

Bread of Life provides facilities, referrals, online website listing, and a community of colleagues mutually dedicated to deepening in the art and practice of spiritual direction and other processes of formation in exchange for a monthly membership fee.

Commitments on the part of each director member include participation in quarterly meetings as well as an annual overnight retreat. A director member may occasionally be invited to participate in special events or gatherings that arise in the life of the Center.

Spiritual director members with Bread of Life:

1.  Receive referrals for individual and group spiritual direction and are free to choose which and how many directees they will see. Each director sets his/her own schedule within the limitations of the room use calendar.

2.  Schedule appointments on site with the office manager or at appropriate off-site meeting locations.

3.  May receive invitations to provide leadership or consultation to other organizations; to create new offerings aligned with our mission, or to partner in staffing ongoing programs. Director members are free to discern which if any of these they will accept.

4.  Complete and submit a monthly direction log along with the monthly membership fee*
*(30% of fees collected from Bread of Life related directees).

5.  Complete and submit the Annual Membership Agreement