noticing The Thin Places
Sandra Lommasson 12/28/15

What thin place have you recently noticed that is feeding your soul?

These are some of my ‘thin-places’ this year. Each one feeds my soul for the journey ahead to the degree that I pause, and notice, and take them in. Scroll below to add yours.

*Awakening to a forest-deep silence in myself in a time of personal anniversary that is usually angst-filled

* Receiving a moment of simple presence in my mom on the other side of her railing at ‘being so old’

* Recognizing the rightness of releasing our beloved Spirit in the Arts program to its own adulthood

* Glancing up through the backlit tangle of winter-bare branches and seeing nests usually hidden from view

Ancient Celts speak of the thin place as the porous membrane ‘between’ what we often perceive as either/or realities like pain & peace or heaven & earth. It’s like the skin where one ‘reality’ touches another and an exchange takes place. In the thin place it is possible to perceive something usually hidden from everyday awareness. It’s a place of holy meeting that reveals starkly what is already and always true, that seeming opposites like heaven & earth or struggle & peace are deeply related.

This core truth is always present, but easy to miss, rather like the 'green flash' (photo to the right) that comes with sunset every day. Making ourselves available to notice gives hope and perspective, both of which strengthen our spiritual resources. 

The intent of the Bread Blog is to encourage one another on the journey with bits of wisdom from our own experiences of waking up to this holy, human journey with others.  To begin, you are invited to respond to this question:

What thin place have you recently noticed that is feeding your soul?

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Posted by Dianne Aldrich on 16-Nov-2016 at 08:34:07 EST
Subject: Providing a Pathway

Thank you for these necessary words we will need over and over again in the coming days, months, years. May the voice of BOL remain strong and beautiful providing a path through the wilderness.

Posted by Sue Mannshardt on 15-Nov-2016 at 07:03:44 EST
Subject: Renewing Hope

Thank you, Sandra…as always your words hit home, inspire, and help make clearer the road to healing that we need so desperately in our country and world. Many prophetic voices, including yours, have come forward these past few days…from Maria Shriver's interview with Desmond Tutu a day or so before the election, to Jim Wallis, Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault…some pretty challenging stuff. I sent at least one of these to our daughter who is deeply grieved (as are we all are), who replied, "I don't see the hope yet!" And as more and more of his cabinet appointees are made known, that hope seems dimmer and dimmer…For me the the question is, what can I do other than contribute to programs like Planned Parenthood or some agency/program that supports saving God's creation, gay rights, civil rights etc etc etc…My hope is that with the approach of Advent, and the coming of hope, joy, peace renewed, my hope will grow stronger and more and more light will shine through the cracks in the darkness you call a sticky pit, and once again we can sing "Holy Darkness!"

Posted by Lynne L on 15-Nov-2016 at 06:19:48 EST
Subject: Engaging

Staying present in the discomfort is the not-so-easy task. It is not easy to stay in the process with the finger-pointing and name-calling when it touches our own ire. Active, engaged presence and deep listening is essential. I am so grateful for the skills, and especially the attitudes, that we have been honing over the past couple of years as interns. May we all remain humbly engaged.

Posted by Carol Abbott on 14-Nov-2016 at 08:59:38 EST
Subject: Community

I join you in wanting to open myself to the times of meeting and listening that will begin to heal our deep divides. Right now my grief makes that seem impossible, and yet I trust that the breath of God IS still creating. I am grateful for the breath of life and hope that comes with and from Bread of Life community.