Philanthropic support of people like you has helped us offer unique programs and services to the community for the past 19 years. Monthly sustainer donors
can help us ensure that dialogue and spiritual growth for individuals and organizations happen year-round and in the future.
Even a small monthly contribution of $10, $20 or $25 can go a long way.
Gift of $25/month
supports a way of being in the world that values collaboration and the establishment of small learning communities
Gift of $30/month
encourages a community member at the crossroads of challenges and opportunities to seek life’s purpose through sessions with a trained spiritual director
Gift of $50/month
ensures tuition support for participation in our Spiritual Development programs where the discoveries take participants to deeper commitment to service of others
Gift of $100/month 
launches a small group of young people from diverse communities on the path of gaining Dialogue skills and learning practices that will show them ways to work toward real understanding and meaningful interactions with others
Another monthly gift
offers other opportunities for increased well-being and growth through participation in any of our unique programs and services