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Our next class begins March 2019.

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We all have a 'life story' that we tell ourselves and others, and our own preferred ways of meeting and being met by God. And yet, there's so much more to our story than we can access alone!

That 'more' includes new ways of understanding the familiar story and new ways of being met by the Holy in daily life. Stepping into that exploration with others engaging the same process is eye-opening and leads us to our own deepest gifts and purpose. This deeper journey happens most powerfully in the company of willing others.

Read what our participants say about what difference it makes to "Listen to Your Life."
Listen to Your Life is our prerequisite for the two-year Internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction. The next Internship cycle begins March 2019. Applications are due by December 2018.
 A foundational experience for discovering fresh dimensions
who you are and for growing in response to the call of God.
Who Benefits?

*Those who are at a life passage and know a deeper relationship with God is part of what's being invited.

*Those who sense it's "time for something more." An interior 'restlessness' or 'itchiness' can speak to a life that feels too small or needs fresh focus.

*Those experiencing a transition in faith. Often experienced as a 'loss of faith' it's most often an invitation to a wider, deeper faith. We call it "losing faith to find God." The beckoning God who initially meets us where we are is insistent about not leaving us there. There's always 'more' but we need other committed companions on the way to wake up to and recognize wider possibilities.

*Those considering spiritual direction as a way of tending other's souls. This year is the personal formation year for the 2-year internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction. To attend to another's soul a spiritual companion needs to be able to enter his/her own life/soul story for freshness and with a willingness to be surprised. We are never finished.
 Who comes?

Committed journeyers of a range of faith traditions and experiences; those in formal ministry like pastors and lay leaders; those in informal ministry like hairdressers, UPS drivers, and volunteers in a range of settings from homeless parks to hospice; business professionals; therapists and social workers; and more! All are welcome.

 "Oh! It's about listening to my life,
not listening to my opinion of my life."

"This program has gone way beyond learning something new into experiencing something real."

"My experience with "Listen" led me to a more honest look at what I really want, and for the very first time, what it is I need. I am calm, healthier and building relationships [within my family in new ways]… So, my journey continues in ways I never expected. Thank you for the part that "Listen to your Life" played in guiding me and setting me free.”

"There is something about this program that is letting us be loved by God. It's not just an idea but an experience."
"I found seminary heady; this program is enabling me to work
on the sacred heart."
"The sense of a depth community in this process helps me see myself a little better and with more compassion."
"I pastor in a tradition that doesn't know how to help connect people to their own sacred story; I am living the connections now and can take the experience back with me to my congregation."
Click here for a Youtube Video of the full 3-year process by 2010-2013 participant Diane DeHerrera-Goeke. Listen to Your Life is the first year of the 3-year process.