Celebrating New Spiritual Directors
The 2015-17 cycle of the Art of Spiritual Direction Internship has just closed. The closing ceremony was an emotional gathering and one more opportunity for the group to be together and reflect on what this program has meant to each one of its members. Read Sandra Lommasson's comments at the closing celebration here.
Participants showed their projects (see the collage below) and shared prayers for the success of new beginnings. Take a look at some moments of the closing ceremony and read some of the thoughts they offered about the impact of the program on their lives.

"I want to remember the experience of community… the communal spirit. I want to remember the expansion of spiritual direction practice to all people, especially the marginalized or anyone who is the ‘other’ even if the other is me. I want to remember the skill set of evoking story and insight by questions and musings. But most of all I want to remember to listen deeply, very deeply and trust Spirit as powerful to guide and move"

"I want to remember to stay rooted in the Source, with a presence marked by contemplative awareness, prayer and compassionate understanding. Spiritual direction is a discipline in which we are not directing people’s choices and lives, but directing attention, returning ever-so-gently to the movements of the soul and the Divine. And, I want to remember the question, “Is it possible that what you are doing is sufficient and moreover that who you are is sufficient?”" 

"To our teachers – I cannot express a ‘THANK YOU’ big enough or wide enough to fully encompass my gratitude. YOU nurtured us like little seedlings, watering, tending to us, pulling out our weeds and fertilizing us with your own life experiences. You CARED about our growth. You wept with us and laughed with us. You have been our mentors and friends. Your love for God and belief in God’s justice and mercy have equipped you to impart real life to us. Thank you."

 Program Faculty and Supervisors for the 2015-2017 Program
The new cycle of the Internship program starts in 2018 but we accept applications now. If you'd like to explore whether it's right for you, contact Sandra via email or (916) 648-1803. Or if you are ready to start your own journey, click on this link to enroll.