Dynamic DialogueTM For Individuals

      Have you ever . . .
  • Tried to explain something only to have it received in exactly the opposite way you intended?
  • Found yourself avoiding people or conversations?
  • Kept silent even when you had something to say?
  • Had the same conversation over and over with exactly the same frustrating results?

You are not alone!

We humans, no matter how hard we try, seem to have difficulty interacting with each other even with the best of intentions. Families, organizations, workplaces, and communities describe being caught between the need to connect well and a reality fraught with different perceptions, ideas, and ways of expressing ourselves. These challenges are especially frustrating when we see that competent, caring people are unable to work through life’s problems. 

Dynamic Dialogue™ introduces learners to the concepts that explain the underlying difficulties while offering an array of tools, techniques, exercises and practices that help avoid and/or work through challenges. The learning is experiential so we practice techniques and tools as we learn them. In the process practitioners will have an experience of working in a learning group designed to bring out individual wisdom and diversity to foster creative common ground.


Program available to you:

  • Sessions of varying length to introduce the core components: Awareness, Compassion, Creative Freedom, Interdependence.
  • One day workshops addressing each of the core components.
  • Sessions of varying length to bring intermediate and advances practices and skills for individuals and groups seeking to enhance the qualities of their presence and engagement.
  • Two-year Practicum Training programs designed to focus on practical application of the skills and training into any and all aspects of life.
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions.
  • Consultations on specific issues with a trained facilitator or mentor.
  • Communities of Practice where you can deepen your understanding through peer to peer interaction.

 I became involved in dialogue work thinking to enhance my offerings to current and future clients and then realized how much I had gained personally. I am more mindful of how I show up, from meetings in the boardroom to gatherings with friends.  This practice has given me (and continues to do so) tools to assist me in my engagement with others.
 Brenda Kress
Consultant Just Imagine