Dynamic Dialogue™ Practicum

Being, Learning, Growing, Integrating as a Dialogue-Centered Community.
A 2-year communal learning experience.
Begins October 16-19, 2017
Application Deadline: September 15, 2017 

The world and each of us in it face a level of complexity and challenge that requires an ever-increasing ability to understand and incorporate a myriad of perspectives, data points and needs. Globalization, political, economic, health, social and environmental realities are changing every aspect of our lives. No one person, organization, ideology or nation can encompass the needs of all as we integrate these changes. In this reality the quality of our presence is as important as the quality of our understanding and knowledge.

Our world is waking up to a more interdependent reality. Integrating our interdependence with day-to-day needs of individuals and communities is incredibly challenging. This integration requires evolving awareness infused with compassion and creative freedom if we are to call each other to a common good that truly serves the individual and the whole.

Bread of Life is committed to providing practices and supports that assist people who desire a better way to engage and work through the challenges of living in these times. We consider dialogue to be a core practice and foundation to enduring efforts that make a difference in a world of need. This 2-year practicum is about learning to live with others in life-enhancing ways through Dynamic Dialogue™. It is for people who want to be the change they wish to see in the world and who want companions on the way.